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New Jersey Carry Permit

NJ CCW Permit

The NJ CCW Qualification is included in the MD Wear and Carry Permit Class. This 2 Day – 16 Hour class meets the training required for the Maryland Wear and Carry (Concealed Carry) Permit and New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit

You will be given the opportunity to complete the firearms qualification for the New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit. You will need to be able to draw from a holster.

When successful, we will provide proof of qualification and use of force training to include in your New Jersey Application (The qualification requires the ability to safely draw from a holster and perform reloads meeting the time standards).

Click here for the New Jersey State Police Carry Permit Application Link

Click here for information regarding firearms information and New Jersey requirements

Click here for the NJ Permit to Carry Use of Force Interim Training For Private Citizen

Concealed Carry. This is the qualification and required Use of Force topics.

Click for the NJ State Police presentation on Firearms Safety and Awareness

The training will include 4 hours of live fire training. Bring your handgun, hearing and eye protection and a minimum 150 rounds.

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*Participant will be responsible for the State of Maryland permit fee and fingerprinting fees. If interested in hosting this training, the organizer’s class fee is waived, minimum 6 students.

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